Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Yup, I'm still here. I've not given up the ghost.


And I can sit here and whine about how I'm too busy to write uber poker posts these days and all that, but honestly, I'm relieved to be taking this hiatus.

For me, it's no fun to do something unless you're going to kickass at it.

So this is no fun.

You'd think at the very least I'd post some damn pictures. I've a ton.

So this is all about recharging the batteries, gaining perspective and assessing the future landscape.

Aside from other responsibilities and online projects, it's been too damn easy to toss off random thoughts and links on Twitter. Don't get me wrong -- Twitter is deeply and profoundly retarded and 1000% more narcissistic than blogging, but still, the ease of use is compelling.

And hell, it's even invaded poker. Go read this article if you want some edification: How Twitter is changing the face of poker. Trust me, all your favorite poker writers are doing it.

First things first per writing about poker. I've got to get back to basics and start playing again.

A trip to the boat is planned for the weekend to get things rolling.

And then I've got to decide about this years WSOP. Play the Main Event or take some time, spread some money around and try to score in a lesser event first?

Seems kinda indulgent doesn't it? Throwing away money in the luck factory that is the WSOP when there are plenty of people out there just trying to pay the bills and stay afloat?

Who knows -- maybe I'll stay home in an act of solidarity. I've got more than enough friends who have lost their jobs in this economy.

Or fuck it, I'll likely go play ala Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Link of the day:
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