Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poker Blogs Rule 

Just a quick update. Yes, an uber is coming but all I've gotten done is reading. And the reading, after all, is the time consuming part.

It's been a tad frustrating here lately. I'm clearly the boy who cried wolf as it relates to posting, and for that I'm sorry. It's in large part due to time constraints. It's due to many of my favorite bloggers no longer writing about our beloved game of poker and no longer providing inspiration. It's about RGP descending into un-readability. It's about a community that fractured and splintered over the years for a myriad of reasons, most of which are blameless.

But mostly, it's just me trying to figure out where poker belongs in my life these days. In the past, I spent a considerable amount of my waking hours dedicated to Destroying Workplace Productivity to my once large readership. This changed once the anti-poker legislation passed and my beloved Party Poker removed itself from the US marketplace. Coupled with the timing of my return to the workforce, I just didn't have the drive to provide stellar content like I once did.

And that drives me batshit. I'm one of those people who if I'm going to do something, I'm going to bust my ass or else not bother at all.

And so I guess that's why I'm rambling about this right now. While part of me continues to feel "been there -- done that" and I should continue to expand my other projects, the other part of me still has a profound love of poker and a sense of obligation to these here humble poker blog. Hell, as the poker Blogfather, shouldn't I have some sense of responsibility here?

It really doesn't matter. I haven't been relevant for some time now.

So in terms of priority, I'll just keep trying to improve at Madden.

So thanks to all who continue to read my drivel. I hope to make it up to ya'll and start pounding out all these damn old notes and links I have stored away. And don't forget the photo's. Lord, do I have photo's.

So no more excuses.

Allow me to leave you with a fine compilation of lucky moments:

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