Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poker blogging sure ain't easy here in 2009.

First off, through a script hack or something wacky by blogger, every single Party Poker link in this blog was broken. And still are, except for the banner and last text link in the prior post.

Considering I have over five years of posts, manually fixing this is a daunting task. I guess I need to find out if I can cobble a script together that could do a search and replace on the XML file you can export here.


And worse yet, my old cat who lived here in my office, passed away late Saturday night. She was 13, so no big tragedy there, but good gravy I miss her. She was here for every single Guinness-fueled uber post, damnit.

And so while I sat down a few minutes ago and started gathering some old notes and preparing to write, I can't shake my funk.

Ah, the consummate excuse maker. But it is what it is.

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