Friday, February 24, 2006

"In a game of chance, mathematics is the lawgiver."
Andrew Prock

Well hell, I'm back unscathed. Had a helluva time ripping up the blue and black diamond runs in the uber-resort town of Beavercreek, Colorado. But it was tough, though, because this was a family gathering of my in-laws and wife's sister family. The family is still pretty ripped up over the death of their daughter and attempting to celebrate another kids birthday didn't make things better. It sucks - I think all holidays are permanently fucked now.

Plus my dad had a pacemaker put in this past weekend. That jolly well freaked me out.

Ahhh, real life. Why must you get in the way of sweet, sweet poker?

Suffice to say, a week away from the tables has me dying to play. I've mostly been checking out the new software upgrade at Party Poker and six tabling the bad beat jackpot tables at the low-limits. Fishy goodness.

As of this writing, the badbeat jackpot is at $400,000.
Give it a whirl.

I'm long overdue in pimping some new poker blogs so here we go. There's a bunch of em so I hope you take some time and check out the new folks.

In no particular order, except I've gotta lead off with Champ at the Neverbluff blog. Words can't describe. I can only hope to meet this guy at the boat someday so I can write about the experience.

Poker Champ

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And thanks to this very popular Indian blogger for linking me up.
No Limit Bay Area-ians: Cannot Hold 'em :)

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Andy Wards 20th poker blog. I can't keep up, damnit.
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Chris Roy at What is This?

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Whew. That's a lotta bloggy goodness there.

Other must-read: Dr Pauly blogging the WPT Invitational.

And let's wrap this up with a few goofy photos. I'm off to see the Black Keys with Daddy.

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