Monday, July 06, 2009

WSOP Main Event Day One Hijinks 

So I'm sitting here at home, drinking a cold one, on the last Day One qualifier of the WSOP Main Event, pondering my cash in last years tourney.

Do I wish I was playing? Well hell, any poker player worth his salt would want to be there, so that's a silly question. But that being said, I made the right decision awhile back to not play this year. I've too many irons in the fire and was not prepared to play.

But still, it was all too easy to consider booking a flight out on Thursday or Friday and playing.

So here I sit, content to get my WSOP updates from Pauly and other friends reporting on Twitter. It's pretty hilarious pathetic that Harrah's screwed the pooch and had to turn players away today.

And sure, it's easy to blame the knucklehead players for waiting till the last minute to sign up, but good grief, do you really think TJ Cloutier ever considered he might not be allowed to play?

What if it was Doyle Brunson? Or Moneymaker or Danny?

I can't wait to hear the shenanigans that went on that aren't being reported.

Vegas is all about the juice and today there were a lot of people who learned whether or not they had any.

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