Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"In a 4-8 game this afternoon, someone said they never win when they raise with AK so they don't raise with it. I said, everytime I sleep with a woman she ends up dumping me but I still sleep with women."
Gary Carson

I swear I'm going to put up a monster poker post here by the end of the weekend, if for no other reason than to say I did, damnit. So to that end, I've been doing a little reading and Lord knows I have some incredible photos to share with you, so please stay tuned.

It's coming.

So for New Years Eve I went and played poker at the boat with all the crackers.

I took a friend to the boat to play poker for his first time ever in a casino. On the way there I told him my only wish was for him to see just one player in full blown, nose-open, chip spewing tilt. Just once.

So yeah, he saw it about ten times. Amazing drunken game at the Argosy.

The two guys to my right, including a hilarious drunken cowboy, played literally every hand. And talked and talked and talked, oh my.

The drunken cowboy cracked aces with 9-6 off with the money all in and the hilarity began.

He made one all-in crying call with bottom pair after his opponent shoved and winked at him.

"Never wink at me. I call."

River suckout. Tilt!

Basically the whole table were going after these two guys, praying that they would be the ones to get their chips. After having nearly all the fun of poker drained out of me, this game reminded me about the pure fun of it all. It is still a game, after all.

I have to relate one quick tale because this has never happened to me before.

Tilty guy and me get all our money in pre-flop. He slowrolls me saying, "Good call," before turning over aces to my kings.

I don't care, I'm having fun and hey, maybe I'll suck out this time.

So the dealer gets ready to turn and burn only to notice the next card in the deck is face up. WTF? He looks through the deck and sees four more box cards turned face up.

I facetiously start with a chant of "Misdeal!" never once ever imagining it would happen. But that's exactly how the floor ruled. Misdeal. Give the chips back. The shuffle machine screwed the pooch and that's the house rule.

So that's one way to dodge bullets.

My friend, like me, immensely enjoyed the people watching there. But as a father of young children, he was astounded to see a lady with a tiny young infant in a stroller there past midnight. Not to mention she was smoking in this beyond smoky environment.

His quote: "You have a baby. In a bar."


It's hard to understand the degeneracy sometimes. You really have to experience it for yourself.

Guess I'll leave you with my fave video from the past week.

The scariest hiking trail in the world:

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