Monday, July 13, 2009

I've read quite a bit of media coverage about this past weekends UFC 100. And media coverage ABOUT the media coverage and mainstream media and acceptance versus tolerance, for and against.

Assimilation into modern culture thanks to the outlaw nature of the sport, our cultural desensitization to violence, and mostly, TV exposure.

I started this blog in the fall of 2003 and pretty much documented the cultural juggernaut of poker into the mainstream. Things were different then.

Mainstream media per poker and the UFC? Wow.

There's a rant here but Twitter has killed my writing. I really should get the fuck off Twitter.

All I'm saying is, Brock Lesnar is the Chris Moneymaker of MMA.

Today is a Good Day to Die 

Quick update as things might be picking up here in this humble poker blog.

I've been spending some time at the new Hollywood Casino, roughly 25 minutes from my door to the poker table. It's approximately 41 tables and a very, very nice room.

This is an official WPT affiliated room, shockingly enough. Next March 5th - 24th will be the Hollywood Poker Open. A televised event with 18 events over 20 days, culminating in a 10k WPT Championship tourney.


Here's the schedule for the August so-called Indiana State Poker Championship in a few weeks:

Event 1) 8/3 NL Hold Em Shootout 15k starting $300 buyin
Event 2) 8/5 NL Hold Em 9K starting $1000
Event 3) 8/6 NL Hold Em 6k starting $500
Event 4) 8/7 Senior NL Hold Em 5k starting $300
Event 5) 8/8 NL Hold Em 7k starting $600
Event 6) 8/9 Ladies NL Hold Em 5k starting $300
Event 7) 8/10 7 card Stud 10k starting $300
Event 8) 8/11 NL Hold Em 8k starting $800
Event 9) 8/12 HOSE 10k starting $1000
Event 10) 8/13 Omaha H/L 5k starting $300
Event 11) 8/14 NL Hold Em 5k starting $300
Event 12) 8/15 NL Hold Em 12k starting $1500
Event 13) 8/17 Indiana State Poker Championship 20k starting $3000
Event 14) 8/18 2nd Chance NL Hold Em 6k starting $500

And also, as of this week, I have left my full-time employment at the ad agency.


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