Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Poker is getting tougher these days, I shoulda worked harder during the boom."
Fast Eddie

I'm sure there's many of us who can relate to the above sentiment. While catching up with him this weekend, it's funny to look back six years ago when I started this humble poker blog. While playing in his illegal game out in the backwoods of Morrow, Ohio, I was already a veteran of online poker and had to talk Fast Eddie into even trying it.

Since then, nearly all of his income comes from it. Even though he moved to Florida a few years ago, he's never looked for a real job. As he says, "I'm not suited for any other line of work. This is all I know."

He was excited to hear about the new Hollywood poker room and promised a visit soon. It was always interesting to sit with him at the table, the brash young action player, playing big and gambling at all times. Unlike me and my plodding grinder style.

I think I've been removed enough from playing seriously that my game is a weak shell of its former self. I'm trying to be honest and determine just how poorly I'm playing these days. Not that it matters much with some of the weak players at the boat, but poker sure is a fickle mistress. And I never want to be stuck in that place where I'm such a terrible player that I can't recognize my terrible play, especially when I get lucky and win.

I used to be such a student of the game. Such a hunger to study and improve.

Will playing shitty bring me back to that point?

Will losing nice chunks of money sharpen my focus and bring forth the resolve to improve?

Or will it be a goal of some type? But what is that? An excuse to make the effort?

I don't know, I'm just rambling here. And it kinda feels like an old-fashioned precursor to an uber post, which sadly isn't happening yet.

But maybe soon.

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