Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Personally, I feel that as the universe of poker blogs has increased the number of blogs worth reading has decreased."
Bill Rini

Well hell, I'm back from the balmy Iron Range. Had a peaceful and very enjoyable trip. I fished my ass off and read nearly a dozen books. The mosquitoes were in rare freaking form. I read that a deer carcass in Minnesota will have zero traces of blood in it after these critters descend upon it.

I'm currently trying to catch up on my HBO addiction (I've read the book but never saw the series Band of Brothers till now. Wow.) as well as my new favourite show, Worlds Dangerous Catch. Is it just me or does Edgar kinda sorta resemble Otis?

And because I've not begun reading anything poker-related, I'm going to take a little time tonight to pimp some new poker blogs, even though I understand the spirit of Bill's above quote. Damnit, I still like to think of myself as the Johnny Appleseed of poker bloggers. Hence, the following pimpage.

Check out the new folks, please. Some of these are long-overdue.

First off, here's Bobby Bracelet's new home. Wooohooo.

Secondly, here's my good buddy TDub and his new blog. I'm linking to his home game writeup of when we were graced by some blogging royalty. Enjoy.
Zen and the Art of Playing The Hammer

It's All a Process by KGB loves oreos.

Le Suckout Artiste
A french Canadian poker player sucking out his way to bigger and better things.

Porn Meets Poker
Everything I know I learned from poker and porn.

The Railbird's Nest
Welcome to The Railbird's Nest, the internet's latest poker-related blog.

Geezus, why the hell isn't CC's blog linked up by me? I'm a big fan.
Quest of a closet Poker Player

Here's a brand new one.
Dirty South Poker
The random musings of an ADHD-riddled, psychobabbling mind...usually about poker, golf, and other ridiculous adventures in gambling.

But They're Suited!
Yet Another Poker Blog. Come along with me as I learn to play No Limit Texas Hold'em. It will all be out there. Correct me when I'm stupid, and let me know when I've made a wise move.

I can't believe I havan't pimped Guin before. I prolly have but no harm in pimping him again.
Guin's Canadian Poker Blog
A Canadian low limit poker player just wanting to post progress on his bankroll. Playing mostly NL50 and trying to get to the NL100 level with NL200 as the year end 2006 goal. Anyone from the tax department should realize that this is completely a fictional account and should not be used to audit me.

The Dude's Ramblings
This is like...my opinion, man.

A Fool and his $100 - A Poker Blog

Adventures of a low-limit poker player

What're The Odds?
Tales from the felt. Taking on the poker gods, one hand at a time.

You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N

From almost law school to poker player to Medical Student. What an interesting road its been. If your here for the first time I'd recommend reading this from the beginning, not only will some of it make you laugh but you might end up learning a little bit about poker as well. I UPDATE EVERY SUNDAY

Cards Chat has a good blog going. Hope this link makes Mr. Kisberg happy.
Card Chat Poker Blog

Woohoo! A Dublin blogger!
Double or Quits
The quest to double a measly poker bankroll into a merely puny one. Vegas, live poker in Dublin and milking/being milked by the internet pokah machine - it's all here baby!

Jacks R OK

Vegas Poker Scene
Life and Poker in Las Vegas among other things?

Bone Daddy Flawed Poker Play

Poker and Golf by Wolverine Fan

The Secret Scoop
My Life and Adventures as a Semi-Pro Poker Player

Creativity breeds Madness
or is it Madness breeds Creativity ??

Kid Dynamite's World
a collection of stories about poker, gambling and other interesting adventures

I had outs
Because no one would read my Klabbar blog

FloppyJT's Poker Blog
The ups and downs of a micro stakes online poker player.

And lastly, but most certainly not least, here's Carmen. Damn, I feel like I've pimped her fine blog before but I'm not leaving anything to chance.
Poker Girl In Vegas

Whew, that's a buncha blogs. Anyway, one final tidbit. Newspaper article about Johnny Fucking Chan getting conned.
Poker star Johnny Chan talks about being victim of alleged con

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