Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sherwood Forest & Las Vegas 

Do yourself a favor and go read Otis over at Up for Poker as he relinked up his posts (along with CJ & GRob) of the very first poker blogger gathering.

Just for the record, I passed out on the sidewalk at Sam's Town and missed the very first blogger tournament after drinking at the Sherwood Forest.

Go now and read it. Nothing to see here for a while.

Hell, maybe you'll be inspired to go head over to Dr. Pauly's and dig through his archives for his perspective on the first, too. Well worth your time.

I'm gonna shut up now cause I'm all nostalgic as hell. Can't wait to see ya'll.

Chip Reese 

RIP Chip. One of my all-time favorite poker players gone at the age of 56.


Anyway, I gots my ticket. I'll be in Thursday afternoon.

Here's a fine video about the new technology bubble. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Poker Bloggers in Las Vegas 

The coveted Golden Hammer trophy awaits the winner.

"Play poker during the day. Have fun at night."

Excellent advice.

Hells bells, I still haven't even bought my ticket yet. I meant to do so today, but then I got a random call from a reporter, which led to a nationally televised segment on Shepherd Smith on Fox News a few hours later.

You can read Dann's post about it at: FOX News Give Sam Vasquez Tragedy, MMA a Fair Shake

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