Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hammer Players 

"As I said a few days ago, today is the two-year anniversary of this blog. If you're new to blogging, here's BSN's 10 commandments of successful poker blogging:

1. Iggy is the blogfather, do not try to take his place."


Amen. And now I'm back.

Weeee, this sure has been a crazy ride.
Truth be told, I'm very happy to be back home.

It just feels right, don't it?

And to be perfectly clear, Linda and I are still tight. And no, it had nothing to do with legality. Twas pure economics, plain and simple.

But it was fun as hell and I was honoured to write there. And I'll obviously be visiting all those kickass PW writers, to be sure. Again, there's a reason why Linda is #1 on my blogroll.

And now I must pick up where I left off.
Cranking out some monster uber posts and Destroying Workplace Productivity.
It's what I do best.

I've obviously taken a hit in readership when I left, so I truly appreciate any pimping out of G&P from my fellow poker bloggers to let folks know I'm back. Plus, I'm due for some housecleaning. My once proud blogroll is full of languishing poker blogs and in dire need of new blood. Tis pending.

And I apologize for not ubering it up right away. I'm treating myself to a brief hiatus before diving into the fray.

It's mostly because I'm traveling with Team UFCjunkie to Columbus this weekend for the big UFC Pay-Per-View event. And co-hosting a bigass party at Karma the night before, with attendance from some of the biggest stars in the UFC. If you're in or near Columbus, go check out the details.

Yes, I'm twisted and am kinda praying for a bar fight, UFC style. Now THAT would be an event to live blog.

There are rumors of Chuck and Rampage showing.
Oh the humanity.

The voice of UFCjunkie, my man, Dann, scored us $400 tickets from Rich Franklin. This is our first event and I can't even imagine how nutty it's gonna be. Pray for us all.

And so, a slight delay before I begin anew.

But I wanted to blog this excellent perspective from fellow uber-poster, Hoyazo, about my prodigal son like return here to Guinness & Poker. #1: I think he hits the nail on the head per my posting attitude, and #2, it's comforting to read nice things about myself after losing my gig.

And so I give you Hoy's two cents:


Secondly, I wanted to personally mention how thrilled I am that the Iggy, the uberdrawrf himself, is returning to his rightful home at Guinness and Poker. Iggy, you will always be my one and only when it comes to poker blogging -- not only the first, but clearly the best -- and there still can never be anything like a genuine Iggy uberpost to destroy my workplace productivity like nothing else. But to echo some sentiments voiced by Al earlier this week, there were two main problems with your move to pokerworks. First, as Al mentions, my dorkwork blocks all the pokerworks blogs, and frankly my work day is where I do about 95% of my daily blog reading. I will admit that over the past few months since Iggy's move, I have gone from reading 100% never-possibly-miss-one of his posts, to instead reading probably 25% of them, and almost never in a timely fashion. Sadly this is true for most of the pokerworks crew because I simply cannot get access to them during the weekdays ever, but with Iggy it was by far the worst because you couldn't have paid me money to ever miss anything Ig had to say before 2007. So for that reason alone, the move back to Guinness is obviously the right thing.

But more than that, I have got to say that the whole pokerworks thing just was not the same IMO for the original uberposter. I never got the same feel with Iggy's pokerworks blog as I always had for it when it was at G&P. Even though Iggy still called them "uberposts", they were just not quite the same thing. Different feel, different structure, something. It's intangible, but it was real, trust me. I went through a smaller-scale version of the same thing when I was writing for Cardsquad, so I know what I'm talking about here. Writing for the two blogs was fun and all, but believe me when I say that #1 it was draining, and more importantly #2, I never felt like I could be quite myself on Cardsquad. For one thing, the structure of the blog was totally different from my own corner of the blogiverse here. Also, I felt pressure for my posts to be shorter, smaller, and more structured. Writing as part of a larger group of writers kinda builds in its own pressures as it is, and while I loved every minute of it -- don't get me wrong -- it was definitely very much different from what I was doing here at good ol' hammerplayer dot blogspot dot complain. I never wanted to rant quite as personally as I do with abandon here, and I know for a fact that the overall tone in my Cardsquad posts was just not nearly as edgy, or ultimately not nearly as real, as what I do here on a daily basis. It's hard to explain unless you live it, but I have and so I'm here to say, Iggy, the blogiverse was sorely worse without you at your rightful home, and I for one could not be happier for you, and for us all, that you're now back where you belong. So go give Iggy a look at his new old home. And for those of you who've never had the honor of meeting the man, the myth, the legend before in the flesh, there is an awesome picture of him up on G&P right now if you want to go see one of the rare times he'll ever let someone take a snapshot of him close-up.


Thanks for the kind and constructive words, Sir. And I think you nailed things so well because you've blogged elsewhere than your home. I could write 1,000 words about all this but what's the point? I learned my lesson.

This is my home. My comfort zone, for better or worse.

I truly wish I could follow up this drivel with a Guinness-fueled uber but it's coming. Oh yes, it's coming.

So many links and pictures to leave you with.

But I'm writing what I've missed writing for months now. Cliches rock.

Bonus Code IGGY on Party Poker, damnit!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun stuff here. Specifics and uber to come.

For now, my co-worker Susan is off to go shopping for our agency. Here's her list of things to buy:

2 flat top sheets - white
queen or king


mens long underwear - large, white

white winter cap

swim goggles


toy spear

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